When using a Hackintosh, one of the silly things you can do to hurt yourself is to use hardware without built-in support. At present, this includes the nVidia GTX 970. It’s a superb card, and plays almost anything with great aplomb, but the built-in drivers in OS X 10.10.(0,1) won’t have anything to do with it. As such, you’ll need the nVidia Web Drivers.

There’s just one small catch - these only allow installation on Mac Pros (3,1; 4,1; 5,1). While making perfect sense in the world of real Macs, many of us run our Hackintoshes as pretend iMacs, as the Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge/Haswell builds are much closer to iMac hardware than the Xeon-based Mac Pros.

Never fear, however - you can easily alter the installation package to skip the system check.

First, download the driver packages. Then, extract them to a temporary directory:

pkgutil --expand WebDriver-343.01.02f01.pkg working

Next, edit the working/Distribution file, changing the validateHardware() method to return true in some manner. I changed line 63 to:

if (found_hardware == -1)

Finally, package it all up again:

pkgutil --flatten working webdriver.pkg

You now have a modified package file that can be run without changing your SMBIOS. Run, reboot, and enjoy!